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Our Difference

Why Lake Toys Boat Club is The Best?

1 / Longer Reservation Times

Unlike other clubs who stick to a 4-hour reservation window, Lake Toys Boat Club offers a 5-hour window for all members: 8am to 1pm for Morning Reservations and 2pm to 7pm for Afternoon Reservations.

2 / Availability of Boats, Always

Typically national boat club chains max out memberships at a ratio of 10 members to every 1 boat.  Lake Toys Boat Club adheres to a strict 8-to-1 ratio which means more availability for the boats you want to use on the dates you want to reserve.

3 / No Restrictions or Blackouts

Lake Toys Boat Club doesn't work off credits for certain timeframes or high-demand dates.  Every member gets the same availability for all boats and across all dates.  If a boat or date is available, then you are guaranteed to be able to make the reservation. Did we mention the club is open on Holidays?

4 / All Premium Plans at the Best Price

While we don't try and compete purely on cost alone, one of the benefits of being a local Austin-based business with just one location means we are able to offer membership pricing that is well below our competition.

5 / Buying Local

We personally belive in supporting local businesses because of the myriad of benefits that come with it: better service, more flexibility, and a direct line to the people at the top when you need to reach them.  All of our members receive those same benefits when joining our club because we are a local business for Austin and Lake Travis.

6 / Unparalleled Service

At Lake Toys you have a full time Captain and Dockhand, ready to help in all possible ways; from docking the boat in and out, to support you in case of any issue during your trip... We will always do our best effort to ensure one goal: your enjoyment at the lake!

Welcome!  We are so glad you're here.  

We run our club differently than most. We're both owners and operators of the club on Lake Travis.  We are passionate about boating and love sharing the joy and memories that come from it; this club is our only location.  We're hands on with our staff and members to ensure the experience we deliver is second to none!

 - Lucy & Miguel



Ready For A Lake Day?

Apply now for membership and you can be on the water in as little as 24-hours. 
No obligation to sign up.  Membership Application only hold applicants place in line for review based on date of submission.

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ

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