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Some cool tips for boating in severe heat 🫠

Hey Fellow Boaters! we are all having a blast this summer in Lake Travis, especially with the sun shining in Texas! But it's crazy hot out there!

July is aimed to be the hottest month in recorded history! and y’all need to be extra careful. Here are some cool tips for boating in Austin’s scorching weather:

1. Drink Up: Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, even if you don't feel thirsty. Not only soda and booze - they won't help you stay cool. Bring a lot of water and if possible ice on board, more than enough for your friends and family… Y’all may want to drink water like out of a firehose!

2. Dress Smart: Wear light and loose clothes made of comfy materials like cotton and those UV protection fabrics. Don't forget a hat (hope y'all bring your Lake Toys Boat Club hats), shades, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sizzling sun.

3. Find Shade: Look for shady spots on the boat or bring an umbrella to chill under… Getting too much sun can be bad news for your health. A heat stroke can suddenly hit a person!

4. Keep an eye on your guests on board, especially on the little ones: There are many signs of heat-related problems like feeling weak, dizzy, heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, skin hot to the touch, nausea or vomiting. Infants and children are especially susceptible! If someone on board feels that way, take a break, cool down in the shade with a wet towel in the head, and hydrate.

5. Cool Down Gadgets: Grab some cooling accessories like fans, misters, and cooling towels. They're lifesavers when the heat is on!

6. Jump in! Hey you’re in the fresh Lake Travis water, the best place to stay cool! Just remember not to jump from a moving boat, use a life jacket and enjoy! also take a look to our recommendations of fun places to visit in Lake Travis.

7. Be Safe: Most importantly, have fun in the sun but stay safe. If the heat gets too intense or things get sketchy, head back to the marina.

Enjoy your hot weather boating day with these cool tips. Stay chill, stay hydrated, and have a blast on the water!

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