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Fun in the Sun on Labor Day!

Chillin' in Lake Travis: The Ultimate Labor Day Splash Bash!

Imagine a day filled with nothing but good times, on a boat! surrounded by the beauty of Lake Travis. That's what Labor Day is all about - a day off to have fun and enjoy life. It's like a big "yee-haw!" for all the hard work we do. And guess what? Spending Labor Day by the lake is like the icing on the cake!

What's the Plan? Water Adventures in your boat at Lake Toys!

Think of the lake as your playground for all things water-related. If you're into exciting stuff, you can have in Lake Toys Boat Club... jet skiing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, tubing or just chillin' anchored in Devil´s Cove - all those crazy rides that make your heart race or have you relaxed (check out our blog post "Fun places to boat and visit in Lake Travis"). But if you're more into chill vibes, grab a kayak (free for Lake Toys' members) and explore the quiet corners of the lake. You're the captain!

Lake, Boats, Friends, and Sun - Oh My!

Picture this: you're on a boat, surrounded by your pals, sunny Texas skies, music, water splashing around. It's a party with the best view ever!

Lakeside Fun and Memories.

Labor Day is a chance to kick back, have fun, and make memories with the people you care about. The lake adds a special touch - its calm waters and beautiful scenery make everything even better. So, this Labor Day, forget about work and embrace the fun by the lake. It's a day to enjoy!

Lake Toys Boat Club is open year-round and our members have full access to boating on weekends and even in holidays! longest hour blocks, full service and availability! check out our membership plans and join the only local Boat Club in Austin! you can still make it to book a boat on Labor Day!

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